Rajasthan Atomic Energy Station – A Tourist Destination

RAPS is located in forest region, close to the Chambal river, which is a great tourist place.

The vast expanse of h2o in the Rana Pratap Sagar lake, the reservoir of the dam bearing the identical identify, alone is incredibly imposing and extends right up to the Gandhisagar dam in Madhya Pradesh condition. FFPOWER is on the southern, mild slope. The opposite financial institution is a mountain the place deer is a frequent sight! From the best of the hill housing officers’ quarters, a single will get a panoramic view, covering dozens of miles.

As the depth of drinking water in the dam is substantially a lot less than demanded for doing the job a turbine, Swiss engineers constructed a tunnel, leading the waters into it, situated at excellent depth, under the dam on the left bank, therefore correctly growing the peak of h2o head. I assume this is a exceptional achievement

In the forest in the mountain, a several miles away from the lake, is a h2o tumble from some hundred toes or so. The drinking water flows even in summer.At the bottom is a cave. Water drops drop consistently in the cave and is collected in a smaller rock bowl, the natural way formed.

Now I fully grasp that a jeepable highway is readily available for visitors.

To the west of the dam, near the higher way is the previous Shiva temple, Baroly temple. It is a heritage under the department of archeology.Even nevertheless it was ruined by Muslim invaders about a thousand several years in the past, plenty of beautiful carvings are however preserved in the granite framework for the pleasure of visitors. It is truly worth renovating.

Every 12 months, on Shivratry working day, an endless stream of pilgrims visit the temple. The location features of numerous springs and tall trees, home to a number of peacocks.It is a very good picnic location!

Charbhuja temple, with grand silver works and Bhaimsrodgarh fortress, both of those quite close to to the spot, are worthy of checking out, the latter on the steep, vertical bank,which looks like a slicing in the rock made by invisible palms!Brahmani river joins the Chambal river at this stage, providing safety to the fort from two sides. Over and above the Brahmani river lie fields of wheat and mustard (sarsom). In olden days Bhaimsrodgarh was the only inhabited area.

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